Drimia maritima
UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Drimia maritima

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Common name: Sea Squill
Special Notes: The largest bulb in the world, Drimia maritima grows up to the size of a basketball. Rarely available in this size, each pot contains 3-4 bulbs. This Drimia is native to the Iberian Peninsula and Algeria, so it thrives in our Mediterranean climate. The leaves grow to 18”. Keep it relatively dry in the summer and wetter in the winter. In the fall, white flowers bloom along a large raceme. Dormant in the winter, leaves will regrow in spring.
Family: Asparagaceae
Native to: Spain, Portugal, and Algeria
Form: Bulb
Size: To 2’ high and 3’ wide
Flowers: White, fall
Light: Full sun to light shade
Water: Low water; drought tolerant once established
Hardiness: Cold tolerant to 25°F
Soil: Well-draining soil