Hoya multiflora
UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Hoya multiflora

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Common name: Shooting Stars Wax Plant
Special Notes: Neat Hoya with flower clusters that live up to its name. Inflorescences of up to 40 yellow-white flowers with red centers burst out from the thick green leaves and stems. Flowers more readily than average. This plant is also more forgiving of a variety of conditions and adds a nice flare to a room with bright, indirect light or underneath a north or east facing window.

Family: Apocynaceae
Native to: Southern Asia
Form: Houseplant
Size: 12-18”
Flowers: Cream with red inflorescence
Light: Partial sun; bright indirect light
Water: Moderate water, wait for top layer of soil to dry
Hardiness: Hardy indoors to 40°F
Soil: Well-draining soil