Pelargonium triste hybrid (low growing)
Pelargonium triste hybrid (low growing)
UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Pelargonium triste hybrid (low growing)

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Common name: Night Scented Pelargonium - hybrid

Special Notes: 
This short variety of Pelargonium has mysterious parentage, but we can easily see how beautiful it is. Each plant has characteristics of P. triste and another unknown Pelargonium. These hybrids are low growing. They bear a resemblance to ferns (as does P. triste) but are unrelated. The plants store water in caudices and tubers, so no water is needed during the summer dormant period. Be sure to give them sandy soil with good drainage to keep them happy.
Family: Geraniaceae
Native to: Southern Africa
Form: Tuberous Perennial
Size: 1’ h x 1.5’ w
Blooms: Late Winter
Attracts: Hummingbirds
Flowers: P. triste has pale yellow with mauve (see photo) - This is a hybrid-flower color may vary
Light: Part Shade to Full Sun
Water: Low water once established; keep near dry in summer
Hardiness: to 30F
Soil: Well-draining