Philodendron grazielae
UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Philodendron grazielae

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Common name: Pigtail Philodendron
Special Notes: Unique Philodendron with heart-shaped, thick, glossy leaves. Climbs trees in its native habitat of northern South America, though it is a relatively slow grower. Once the plant matures, it produces white spathes. Though a tropical plant, you only need to water this Philodendron once the top layer of soil dries out. Direct sun can cause leaf burning, so it is better to keep in indirect light or light shade.

Family: Araceae
Native to: Colombia, Peru, Brazil
Form: Vining houseplant
Size: 3’ but can vine to larger
Flowers: Rare, white spathes
Light: Bright indirect light
Water: Moderate water
Hardiness: Hardy to 60°F
Soil: Well-draining