Drosera adelae (Tropical Sundew)
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Drosera adelae (Tropical Sundew)

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Common name: Tropical Sundew
Special Notes: Drosera adelae is a charming small house plant. These tropical drosera are found in wet, low nutrient, acidic soils in Australia. They prefer to grow in “indirect” or low light conditions. Their leaf color will vary, depending on how much light they receive; more light will shift their leaf color from green to bronze. Each leaf is edged with tentacles, tipped with tiny drops of dew which glisten in the light. The sticky dew drops of Drosera are extremely effective in trapping everything from tiny gnats to larger moths. They can be grown in saucers of water on windowsills year-round or outside in summer.
Family: Droseraceae
Native to: Australia
Form: delicate arching rosette
Size: 2 - 4”
Blooms: summer
Attracts: small insects are caught by the leaves
Flowers: small red orange star shaped flowers cluster on an arching stem
Light: partial to indirect sun at least 4 hours / day
Water: Drosera pots must be placed in saucer with 2” water at all times. Use pure distilled water or tap water from EBMUD system.
Hardiness: Best grown inside with minimum temperature 50 degrees. Growing outside in summer is ok.
Soil: Equal parts peat moss: perlite