Adenia volkensii
Adenia volkensii
UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Adenia volkensii

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Common name: Adena volkensii

Special Notes: Adenia volkensii is a unique, small perennial with succulent, woody stems that grows to about 1-3 ft.tall. The leaves are palmately lobed and flowers are small, white or green and borne in cymes. Most plant growth is in the summer when leaves are produced and growth throughout the plant is fast. Feed and water regularly during this period. Adenia volkensii is native to East Africa. It likes bright light and the caudex shaded. Plant in a porous well-draining soil. Sap is toxic.

Family: Passiflroraceae
Native to: East Africa
Form: Caudex forming
Size: 1-3 ft
Blooms: summer
Flowers: White or green, small
Light: Bright light, shaded caudex
Water: summer water
Soil: Well draining