Aeonium arboretum var. atropurpureum
UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Aeonium arboretum var. atropurpureum

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Common name: Purple Tree Aeonium
Special Notes: A purple and green miniature ‘tree’, this evergreen succulent is an excellent backdrop for smaller succulents and can stand alone as an attractively shaped accent plant in containers.
Family: Crassulaceae
Native to: Canary Islands
Form: Branching small shrub with multiple terminal rosettes of burgundy leaves with green centers
Size: 1-2 ft in containers; 3-5 ft in landscape
Blooms: Spring-early summer
Attracts: Bees
Flowers: Pyramidal cone of small cream to yellow flowers
Light: Filtered sun or bright indirect sunlight, avoid direct afternoon sun
Water: Winter-grower, summer dormant, water once a week in growing season
Hardiness: 25-30 degrees, protect from prolonged frost and rainy periods
Soil: Fast-draining, porous soil