Aeonium haworthii
UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Aeonium haworthii

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Common name: Pinwheel Plant
Special Notes:  Aeonium haworthii is a very durable,winter-growing succulent shrub, perfect for Bay Area gardens with our winter rains with hot sunny summers. Aeonium haworthii looks like a small tree with green fleshy rosettes, outlined in red, densely clustered at the tips of delicate woody branches. An attractive easy-care outdoor specimen, this Aeonium will thrive in containers with cactus soil or in the garden in well-draining soil. Grows quickly with low water in full sun to partial shade. Dependably cold hardy and deer-resistant.
Family: Crassulaceae
Native to: Canary islands
Form: Small shrub
Size:  Can grow to several feet tall and wide
Blooms: At maturity, each head will bloom separately in spring
Flowers: Long yellow
Light: Bright sun, partial shade
Water:  Low water needs
Hardiness:  Hardy to 20-25 degrees
Soil: Fast draining