Arctostaphylos insularis ‘Canyon Sparkles’
Arctostaphylos insularis ‘Canyon Sparkles’
UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Arctostaphylos insularis ‘Canyon Sparkles’

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Common name:  Canyon Sparkles Manzanita

Special notes:  This upright, evergreen shrub from Santa Cruz Island is easy to grow and is great for a bird garden.  It has handsome cinnamon bark and large dense clusters of white flowers in winter/spring. Deer resistant.  Good for a large container specimen.  It was introduced by the Santa Barbara Botanical Garden.  Generally not available in nurseries. These plants are cloned from a specimen in the Channel Islands section of the UCBG.  

Family:  Ericaceae
Native to:  California
Form:  Evergreen shrub
Size:  Grows to 6’-8 ’H x 6’-8’ W
Blooms:  Winter/Spring
Attracts:  Birds, bees, butterflies
Flowers:  White
Light:  Sun on the coast, to part shade inland
Water:  Drought tolerant once established; occasional water during the dry season
Hardiness:  To -5° F
Soil:  Prefers well-drained soil but can handle clay