Aristolochia californica
Aristolochia californica
Aristolochia californica
UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Aristolochia californica

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Common name:  California Pipe Vine

Special notes:  This unassuming vine with easily missed and unusual greenish, pipe-shaped flowers are mostly planted for the butterfly it attracts, the Pipevine Swallowtail.  It likes to thread itself through various shrubs.  

Family:  Aristolochiaceae
Native to:  California
Form:  Deciduous vine
Size:  Grows to 30’ and more
Blooms:  Late winter before it leafs out
Attracts:  Pipevine Swallowtail butterflies which lay eggs only on Aristolochia
Flowers:  Green and maroon pipe-shaped
Light:  Dappled shade; likes to grow up through a shrub
Water:  Drought tolerant once established, but better with regular water
Hardiness:  To 20° F
Soil:  Tolerates most soils