Ballota pseudodictamnus
UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Ballota pseudodictamnus

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Common name: Grecian Horehound
Special Notes:
Deer resistant and low water needs. This endangered plant is the perfect addition to a raised bed, slope, or rock garden, where it will form a lovely, velvety mound. You will love Ballota’s fuzzy gray-green leaves next to brightly colored Salvias or Agastaches. Hard pruning in the winter will refresh the plant for the spring. These plants were propagated from our specimen, which hails from Greece and is extremely drought tolerant.
Family: Lamiaceae
Native to: Greece
Form: Evergreen shrubby perennial
Size: 1-2’h x 2-3’w
Blooms: Summer
Flowers: Insignificant white
Light: Full sun
Water: Low water once established
Hardiness: 0˚F
Soil: Good drainage