Canarina canariensis
Canarina canriensis
Canarina canariensis
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Canarina canariensis

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Common name: Canary Bellflower
Special Notes:   *** Summer Dormant/Autumn-Winter growing ***
This herbaceous trailing perennial comes from the cool cloud forests of the Canary Islands. Large, showy yellow –orange bell-shaped flowers appear in spring. Give good drainage and part sun.
Family: Campanulaceae
Native to: Canary Islands
Form: Small vining perennial
Size: 3’h x 3’w
Blooms: Autumn and late winter/early spring
Flowers: Large yellow-orange bell flowers
Light: Part sun
Water: Keep moist during fall/winter growing season, low water during dormant summer
Hardiness: Protect from frost
Soil: Well-draining garden soil