Ceratozamia mirandae
UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Ceratozamia mirandae

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Common name: Cycad
Special Notes: Rarely offered for sale, this species is endangered in its habitat. It grows in grass under open pine-oak forest, and is not yet protected in a reserve. These plants were grown from seed produced by Tim Gregory from parents that were commercially collected in the mid 1980s.
Family: Zamiaceae
Native to: Chiapas, Mexico
Form: Palm-like, medium sized with single trunks, leaves have spines on the petiole and long narrow leathery leaflets, new leaves are red-brown then mature to shiny dark green.
Size: Trunks 5-6 inches in diameter, to 3 ft in length, upright or reclining, leaves to 4 ft in length.
Flowers: Plants are either male or female, produce green-brown cones in the leaf crown, cones have two short spines on each cone scale.
Light: Shade
Water: Regular water and fertilizer in summer, winter rain is no problem.
Hardiness: 30°, especially with overhead protection.
Soil: Any soil is fine as long as there is good drainage.