Chilopsis linearis
Chilopsis linearis
Chilopsis linearis
UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Chilopsis linearis

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PLEASE NOTE: These plants are deciduous and are now in their bare winter  condition.

Common name: Desert Willow

Special Notes: This unusual deciduous shrub to small tree has willowy pendant branches in spring/summer, with fragrant, penstemon-like flowers that are 1 to 1.5” and range in color from white to pink to light purple.  Hummingbirds love this plant.
Family: Bignoniaceae
Native to: Southwestern U.S. and northern Mexico
Form: shrub to small tree
Size: to 15’ H x W
Blooms: May -September
Attracts: Birds, bees, butterflies
Flowers: whitish-pinkish-pale lavender
Light: Sun to part shade
Water: Drought tolerant but does best with summer water
Hardiness: to 0 °F
Soil: Tolerates many soils but prefers good drainage