Dioon sp. 'Oaxacaensis' (2 gallon)
UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Dioon sp. 'Oaxacaensis' (2 gallon)

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Common name: Cycad
Special Notes: Currently being scientifically described and named. Originally discovered by noted cycad researcher, Loran Whitelock, at a cliff-side Zapotec archaeological site near the city of El Camarón, Oaxaca. These plants were grown from seed produced by plants in the garden of Tim Gregory. The parents were grown from seed produced on Whitelock’s plants (now in the Huntington Garden) in 1986. It is known from 7-8 small populations spread along the arid eastern edge of the Oaxaca plateau and is endangered due to over grazing and agriculture.
Family: Zamiaceae
Native to: Central Oaxaca, Mexico
Form: Palm-like with flat leaflets that tightly overlap.
Size: Leaves to 4 ft. Trunk usually upright to 8 in. in diameter and 12 ft in length. May branch from the base to form multiple trunks.
Flowers: Makes a large furry cone in the center of the leaf crown. Separate male and female plants.
Light: Full sun or part sun.
Water: Regular water and fertilizer in summer. Winter rain is no problem.
Hardiness: Drought tolerant, hardy to low 20’s.
Soil: Not particular but needs good drainage.