Felicia fruticosa
UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Felicia fruticosa

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Common name: Shrub Aster                                         

Special Notes:  This versatile, easy-to-grow evergreen perennial forms a dense mound of delightful purple in the garden. Prefers sun. Native to South Africa.  Makes a lovely focal point in spring, and an attractive fine-leafed shrub through the rest of the year.  Attracts pollinators. Really spectacular in bloom!
Prune after bloom for shape and size.

Family: Asteraceae
Native to:  South Africa
Form: Shrubby perennial
Size: 2-3’h x 3-4’w
Blooms: Spring
Attracts: Pollinators, generally
Flowers: Purple
Light: Full Sun
Water: Low water once established
Hardiness: Min temp 25-30F
Soil: Well draining