Cycas taitungensis
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Cycas taitungensis

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Common name: Emperor Sago                                          

Special Notes: Recently merged by some authorities with Cycas revoluta, this Emperor Sago is a short and wide cycad with leaves that spread up to 10'. The trunk grows to 18” wide with as many as 50 or more leaves. Compared to C. revoluta, the stem is twice as large, the crown is covered in an orange fir, it offsets frequently, has a different female cone, and is native to a cool mountainous area on Taiwan. While still slow, this is one of the fastest-growing cycads. It prefers full sun to partial shade and good drainage, tolerating drought once established. It will thrive planted in the ground or in a container.

Family: Cycadaceae
Native to: China, Japan, Taiwan
Form: Short, palm-like
Size: To 10’ high and 10’ wide
Flowers: No (makes cones)
Light: Full sun to partial shade
Water: Drought tolerant once established
Hardiness: Cold tolerant to 15°F
Soil: Well-draining soil