Dichorisandra pendula
Dichorisandra pendula
UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Dichorisandra pendula

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Common name:  Weeping Blue Ginger
Special Notes: Members of the Dichorisandra genus are easy and showy plants to grow. They can tolerate lower light and dryness and still thrive. This compact grower displays intensely blue blooms that arch gracefully from the stems over a long period.  A wonderful container plant that rewards with a profusion of true-blue flowers dangling from pendulous stems throughout most of the year. Feed lightly during warmer months. 
Native to: Brazil
Form: compact arching shrub
Size: 2-3 feet
Blooms: frequently
Attracts: n/a
Flowers: bright, true blue
Light: medium light
Water: medium moist
Hardiness: temp. 68 °F and warmer
Soil: well-drained