Dionaea muscipula var. 'B-52' (Venus Flytrap)
UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Dionaea muscipula var. 'B-52' (Venus Flytrap)

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Common name: Venus Flytrap, variety ‘B-52’

Special notes: Venus Flytraps are easy to grow. With each year of growth, the flytrap plants become larger and the size of their individual traps increase. The traps of ‘B52’ are especially large, often more than 1”. The largest plants offered by the UCBG are several years old. Flytraps grow best outdoors in full sun.  They can be grown indoors in a sunny location but require a period of winter dormancy outdoors.  They obtain their nutrients from the insects they catch.  Each trap opens and closes only 3-4 times, so triggering the traps before they catch an insect will weaken the plant.  Do not fertilize.

Family: Droseraceae
Native to: North and South Carolina
Form: Rosette
Size: Low growing to 2”
Blooms: Annually in spring
Attracts: Insects
Flowers: White on long stems, can be removed for more vigorous growth.
Light: Full sun, preferably outdoors
Water: Let pot sit continuously in 1 inch of pure water (EBMUD water is fine). 
Hardiness: Tolerates winter freezes
Soil: 2 parts peat, 1 part perlite