Echeveria elegans
UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Echeveria elegans

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Common name: Mexican snowball
Special Notes: Compact rosettes of pale bluish leaves offset freely to create a low-growing carpet of plants that brightens any part of the garden. Spectacular growing among rocks, this is truly an elegant echeveria, as its Latin name suggests.
Family: Crassulaceae
Native to: Mexico
Form: Compact rosettes
Size: 8” tall, spreading through offsets to 1 ft in landscape
Blooms: Spring-summer
Attracts: Hummingbirds
Flowers: Pendulous bell-shaped pink blooms on upward curving inflorescence
Light: Full sun to part shade
Water: Water regularly but infrequently(once every 1-2 weeks in summer)
Hardiness: 20-25 F
Soil: Fast-draining, porous soil in landscape or containers with excellent drainage.