Echeveria ‘Haageana’
Echeveria ‘Haageana’
UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Echeveria ‘Haageana’

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Common name: Green Goddess
Special Notes: These unusually large specimens are beginning to bloom and create offsets. These robust and durable succulents have plump fleshy green leaves in a compact rosette and are beautiful planted in drifts in a rock garden, or individual plants can star in a special container. With leaves ranging from light to medium green with pink tips, these robust, low-growing jewels are already 6-8 inches in diameter and are overflowing their 1 gallon pots. Eager to send out offshoots (pups) in your garden. May need some protection from excess winter water and long periods of temps below 40.

Family: Crassulaceae
Native to: Mexico
Form: Fleshy rosettes
Size: Compact, ground-hugging rosettes to 8” across and 6” high
Blooms: Late winter - spring
Attracts: Hummingbirds
Flowers: Pastel on a slender arching inflorescence
Light: Bright sun, best grown outdoors
Water: Water thoroughly when soil is dry to touch. Avoid overwatering
Hardiness: To 30 F
Soil: Fast-draining, porous soil