Encephalartos trispinosus
UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Encephalartos trispinosus

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Common name: Bushman's River Cycad 
Special Notes: Another easy cycad for the Bay Area area. The shape, size, and degree of spinyness of the leaflets are very variable in this species. So much so, that some collectors acquire multiple “forms” to grow.  In general, the leaflets at the end of the leaf have 1-3 variable lateral lobes that bend out of the plane of the leaflet and have large spines on their tips. The leaflets near the base of the leaf usually lack extra lobes and only have one spine at the tip. Our plants come from seed produced in the garden or in the garden of Tim Gregory.
Family: Zamiaceae
Native to: Central and inland Eastern Cape Province, South Africa.
Form: Medium sized, palm-like, clustering, leaflets blue to blue-green with several large lateral lobes and multiple spines.
Size: Trunks to 12 in. in diameter and to 3 feet in length, leaves to 3 feet, slowly forms a compact cluster of stems to 8 feet in diameter.
Flowers: Plants are male or female, produce multiple large green to greenish yellow cones in the center of the crown of leaves
Light: Full sun
Water: Regular water and fertilizer in summer. Winter rain is no problem.
Hardiness: Drought tolerant, hardy to mid 20’s
Soil: Not particular but requires good drainage.