Escallonia herrerae
Escallonia herrerae
UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Escallonia herrerae

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Common name: N/A

Special Notes: Escallonia herrerae is a rare, attractive evergreen small tree from Peru that is rarely seen in cultivation.  It has dark green, lance shaped leaves and light brown, furrowed bark that provides year-around interest.  In the spring it has hanging clusters of yellow-pink blossoms.  Easy to grow, low maintenance.
Family: Escalloniaceae
Native to: Peru
Form: Evergreen small tree or large shrub
Size: 10 to 45 feet tall
Blooms: Spring
Attracts: Bees
Flowers: Hanging clusters of yellow-pink
Light: Full to part sun
Water: Drought tolerant when established, but looks better with regular water
Hardiness: Protect from hard frosts
Soil: Prefers well-drained soils