Euphorbia horrida
UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Euphorbia horrida

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Common name: African Milk Barrel

Special notes: This Euphorbia is pale greenish blue and grows in a heavily ridged barrel shape with spines that are up to 4” and are former flower stalks. Unlike some succulents this Euphorbia does not tolerate prolonged periods of drought and so should be watered deeply once a week during hot periods, but not be allowed to sit in wet conditions to avoid root rot. It is otherwise easy to grow and offsets freely once established. 

Family: Euphorbiaceae
Native to: South America
Form: Erect stem
Size: 4’ H, 6” diameter 
Blooms: Summer
Flowers: Greenish cyathea on top
Light: Full Sun, part shade
Water: Low
Hardiness: 25F
Soil: Well draining