Garrya fremontii
UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Garrya fremontii

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Common name:  Fremont’s Silk Tassel

Special notes:  This evergreen shrub with leathery leaves produces handsome dangling clusters of yellow to pink catkins in late winter to early spring.  Makes a good screen or part of a hedgerow.  Provides cover for birds and small mammals.  Somewhat deer resistant.

Family:  Garryaceae
Native to:  California
Form:  Upright evergreen shrub
Size:  8’ – 10’ H x W
Blooms:  Later winter/spring
Attracts:  Birds
Flowers:  Yellow to pink catkins
Light:  Full sun to light shade
Water:  Drought tolerant once established
Hardiness:  To 22° F
Soil:  Well-drained soil