Hoya pubicalyx ‘Pink Silver’
UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Hoya pubicalyx ‘Pink Silver’

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Common name:  Wax Plant
Special Notes: Hoyas most often grow as epiphytes in tropical forests where they climb into or hang from tree branches. Blooms often form clusters, or umbels, of many pleasantly fragrant flowers. The beautiful silver spotted leaves and stems of this cultivar may turn pinkish in winter. A vigorous, showy grower that is eager to climb a trellis or cascade gracefully over the sides of a hanging basket. During warmer months, feed plants lightly every two or three weeks.
Native to: Philippines
Form: vining
Size: vines can grow easily 5-10 ft when plant is happy (vines can be pruned)
Blooms: usually during warmer months
Attracts: n/a
Flowers: deep pink
Light: medium light
Water: medium moist, allow soil mix to dry out a bit
Hardiness: temp. minimum 65 ° F, warmer is better.
Soil: 2/3 regular soil, and a mix of 1/3 perlite, small bark and pumice.