Hoya purpureofusca
Hoya purpureofusca
UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Hoya purpureofusca

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Common name:  Wax Plant
Special Notes: Hoyas most often grow as epiphytes in tropical forests where they climb into or hang from tree branches. Blooms often form clusters, or umbels, of many flowers. This extremely easy-to-care-for species has long green leaves with silver speckles, and large clusters of very showy, waxy fragrant flowers.  It is best suited for growing on a large support.  During warmer months feed plants every two or three weeks lightly with a fertilizer.

Native to: Borneo
Form: vining
Size: Vines can grow easily 5-10 ft when plant is happy (vines can be pruned)
Blooms: usually during warmer months
Attracts: n/a
Flowers: deep pink to purple
Light: medium light
Water: medium moist, allow soil mix to dry out a bit
Hardiness: temp. minimum 65 ° F, warmer is better.
Soil: 2/3 regular soil, and a mix of 1/3 perlite, small bark and pumice.