Lepidozamia peroffsyana
UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Lepidozamia peroffsyana

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Common name: Cycad
Special Notes: Seed produced on plants in Tim Gregory’s garden. Parents are were grown from seed collected in Queensland in 1990.  Not Endangered.
Family: Zamiaceae
Native to: Wet eucalypt forest in the coastal mountains of northern New South Wales and southern Queensland, Australia.
Form: Palm-like
Size: Medium sized, trunk usually single, to 10 inches in diameter and three feet high in 40 years. Leaves without spines, soft and leathery, to six feet long.
Flowers: Makes large single cone in center of crown, separate male and female plants.
Light: Shade to part sun.
Water: Regular summer water and fertilizer, winter rain causes no problem.
Hardiness: Hardy to low 20’s, especially if protected by other vegetation.
Soil: Not particular, needs good drainage