Macrozamia macdonnelii
UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Macrozamia macdonnelii

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Common name: Cycad

Special Notes: Grown from seed produced on a female in a private garden in Queensland using pollen from a plant in the garden of Tim Gregory which was grown from seed collected in 1992. Almost unknown in cultivation outside Australia. Not endangered. From the very arid MacDonnell range in central Australia, west of Alice Springs. 
Family: Zamiaceae
Native to: Central Australia
Form: Large and palm-like. Spines on tips of leaflets.
Size: Leaves blue to blue-green to 8 ft. Trunk usually solitary to 20 inches in diameter and to 15 ft long, upright for first 3-4 ft, then snaking along the ground, after decades.
Flowers: Large cones in center of leaf crown, separate male and female plants.
Light: Full sun
Water: Regular summer water and fertilizer, winter rain not a problem.
Hardiness: Low 20’s
Soil: Not particular but requires good drainage