Nematanthus 'Green Magic'
UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Nematanthus ‘Green Magic’

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Common name: Goldfish plant

Special Notes: Indoor plant. Flower petals resemble goldfish. In nature, it is usually epiphytic.  In cultivation, it is a good choice for hanging baskets. Trim branches to 12-18 inches to keep plant full and in bloom. Fertilize monthly during warmer months. 

Native to: Southern Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica
Form: Trailing branches with small, shiny, dark green leaves
Size: Usually kept pruned to +/- 12” to encourage blooming
Blooms:  Often
Attracts: In nature, attracts hummingbirds
Flowers: Orange goldfish shaped flowers
Light: Bright, indirect light
Water: Regular, allow to dry somewhat between waterings
Hardiness: Room temp 65°- 75°F
Soil: Well drained soil