Nepenthes hybrid ‘Boissiense’ (gracilis x superba)
UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Nepenthes hybrid ‘Boissiense’ (gracilis x superba)

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Common name:  Tropical Pitcher Plant

Special notes:  The leaves and pitchers of Nepenthes ‘Boissiense’ are a beautiful
dark red. Nepenthes are tropical rainforest plants that grow as climbing or scrambling vines. They should be kept indoors year-round and do best in drained pots or hanging baskets with daily watering.  Soil should always be kept damp to wet, with good drainage.  Do not let pots sit permanently in water.

Family:  Nepenthaceae
Native to:  Hybrid
Form:  Variable, typically climbing vine
Size:  Variable
Blooms:  Variable
Attracts:  Insects although some larger species can catch small vertebrates (!)
Flowers:  Long slender clusters.  Unisexual flowers on separate plants.
Light:  Bright indirect or diffused light, not full sun
Water:  Distilled, RO, or EBMUD or Hetch Hetchy. Never let plants dry out.
Hardiness:  Keep indoors year-round
Soil:  1 part peat, 1 part perlite, 2 parts fine orchid bark