Pelargonium gibbosum
Pelargonium gibbosum
UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Pelargonium gibbosum

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Common name: Knotted or Gouty Pelargonium

Special Notes: 
******   VERY RARE!!!  ****** 
Pelargonium gibbosum is a dense, scrambling plant that can handle sandy rough terrain. The stems are succulent when young, but become woody as the plant ages, and have immensely swollen, and very interesting, nodes.
Family: Geraniaceae
Native to: Southern Africa
Form: Semi-Evergreen Perennial
Size: 2-3’ h x 2-3’ w
Blooms: Summer
Attracts: Hummingbirds
Flowers: Clusters of yellow and burgundy
Light: Full to Part Sun
Water: Low water once established, though happiest with some summer water
Hardiness: to 30F
Soil: Well-draining