Peperomia sps.
Peperomia sps.
Peperomia sps.
UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Peperomia sps.

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Common name: Baby rubber plant, radiator plant
Special Notes: Peperomias are an excellent choice for beginner houseplant enthusiasts.  Peperomia species has ornamental foliage. Leaves are 1-4” round and have subtle green marking. It is a non-toxic plant.
Native to: Mexico, South America
Form: Trailing stems
Size: small, can grow to 20”
Blooms: sometimes, blooms are insignificant
Attracts: n/a
Flowers: unscented blooms will look like brown spindly spikes
Light: filtered light or shade
Water: medium moist
Hardiness: 65°F or warmer
Soil: rich good draining soil mix