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Podophyllum ‘Spotty Dotty’

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Common name: Spotty Dotty
Special Notes: This brilliant hybrid of several Asian Mayapples has large vigorous lobed umbrella shaped leaves.  Dramatic leaves are chartreuse with bizarre chocolate-brown spotting throughout the spring.  Huge garnet flowers in clusters of 5 or more occur under the leaves.  This cultivar was selected for its coloring, improved frost tolerance, vigor and habit.  Deciduous and winter dormant.  Does well in pots.
Family: Berberidaceae
Native to: Asia
Form: Woodland perennial
Size: up to 18” by 12” for mature plants
Blooms: Spring
Flowers: Garnet flowers in clusters under leaves
Light: Shade
Water: Moist shade
Hardiness: Very cold hardy
Soil: Rich, well-drained soil