Rhododendron 'Scott's Valentine'
Rhododendron 'Scott's Valentine'
UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Rhododendron ‘Scott’s Valentine’

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Common name: Rhododendron ‘Scott’s Valentine’
Special Notes: ‘Scott’s Valentine’ is an evergreen Rhododendron hybrid developed by Bob Scott, former manager of UC Botanical Garden’s Rhododendron dell.  The flowers are large, bright pink, and fragrant.  The leaves are glossy with bright red new foliage.  Perfect size for an urban garden.
Family: Ericaceae
Native to: Hybrid
Form: Evergreen shrub
Size: 3 to 4 feet high and wide
Blooms: Spring
Attracts: Bees
Flowers: Large, bright pink, fragrant
Light: Full to part sun
Water: Moderate
Hardiness: Frost hardy
Soil: Any soil