Rhus integrifolia
UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Rhus integrifolia

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Common name:  Lemonade Berry

Special notes:  This aromatic, evergreen shrub with leathery leaves produces profuse, long-lasting clusters of pinkish-white blooms in spring, that turn to berries by fall.  The fruit is attractive to wildlife and can be used to make a lemonade-like drink.  Can be clipped to function as a large hedge or screen.  Great for a bird garden.  Often used for erosion control.

Family:  Anacardiaceae 
Native to:  Central and Southern California coast
Form:  Slow growing, can be somewhat sprawling
Size:  6’-10’ H x 10’- 15’ W
Blooms:  Late winter/spring
Attracts:  Butterflies  and birds
Flowers:  Pinkish-white
Light:  Sun on the coast, part shade inland
Water:  Drought tolerant once established; enjoys monthly deep water during dry season
Hardiness:  To 15° F
Soil:  Well-drained soil