Salix laevigata
Salix laevigata
UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Salix laevigata

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Common name: Red Willow
Special Notes: This fast growing winter deciduous perennial tree/shrub grows on riverbanks and seepage areas and is useful for erosion control.  Foliage and flowers attract butterflies in spring and fall.  Twigs are red to yellow. Host plant for Western Tiger Swallowtail, Lorquin’s Admiral, Mourning Cloak and Hairstreaks. Insects feed on nectar and birds feed on the seed. Deer resistant. Used for basket weaving material.
Family: Salicaceae
Native to: Southwest U.S.
Form: Tree/shrub
Size: To 10’-25’ H x W; Tolerates heavy pruning
Blooms: Spring and Fall
Attracts: Birds and butterflies
Flowers: Yellow drooping catkins
Light: Full sun to part shade
Water: Regular water
Hardiness:  Hardy to 10 ˚F
Soil: Any soil