Sarracenia alata (spring buds)
Sarracenia alata (spring buds)
Sarracenia alata (spring buds)
Sarracenia alata (spring buds)
UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Sarracenia alata (spring buds)

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Common name:  Pitcher Plant or Pale Trumpet 

Special notes:  Every year, Sarracenia respond to warm spring days with beautiful flowers and new pitchers. These pots of Sarracenia alata are now in bud. These buds will open as large, pale yellow flowers. After flowering, the plants will produce tiny spikes of leaf growth, which will become tall yellow-green pitchers that last all summer - see photos of mature plants. The pitchers of older plants can be over 12” tall. S. alata are native to the swamps of the southeastern US.

Sarracenia are bog plants that must be kept in a tray of water at all times. Insects are attracted by nectar around the rim of the pitcher. Sarracenia grow best outdoors where winter temperatures allow for a cycle of winter dormancy. Plants & water trays can be brought inside for a few weeks if kept in a sunny location.

Family:  Sarraceniaceae
Native to:  Southeastern United States (Alabama to Texas)
Form:   Specialized leaves become tall pitchers
Size:  12 – 24”
Blooms:  Early spring
Attracts:  Small insects are caught by the pitchers
Flowers:  Pale yellow
Light:  Full sun at least 4 hours/day
Water:  Must keep the pot in a saucer with 2” water at all times. Use pure distilled water or tap water from EBMUD system.
Hardiness:  Winter dormant, hardy to 10 degrees F
Soil:  2 parts Peat Moss: 1 part Perlite