Serissa japonica ‘Cherry Blossom'
UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Serissa japonica ‘Cherry Blossom'

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Common name: Tree of a Thousand Stars,  Snow Rose

Special Notes: Serissa ‘Cherry Blossom’ has beautiful single pink blooms and is
a compact grower. Native to India, China and Japan. Serissa plants are in the same family as coffee and gardenia plants.  Fertilize during the warmer months, February-October. 

Native to: Southeast Asia
Form: Broadleaf evergreen, tiny leaves
Size: When mature 24"-36"
Blooms: Most of the year 
Attracts: n/a
Flowers:  Pink
Light: Bright indirect light
Water: Evenly moist
Hardiness: 65 - 80° F
Soil: Rich well drained soil, keep medium moist