Solanum xanti ‘Mountain Pride’
UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Solanum xanti ‘Mountain Pride’

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Common name: Purple Nightshade

Special Notes: This loosely spreading semi-deciduous sub-shrub sports lightly fragrant clusters of showy purple flowers in winter and spring. A butterfly and bee favorite.  Deer resistant. Tolerates a range of soils but prefers good drainage. Drought tolerant once established. Selected by Carol Bornstein in the Santa Barbara hills. Introduced by San Marcos Growers. Prune in late summer or fall to promote bushy habit. Good in containers
Family: Solanaceae
Native to: California
Form: sub-shrub
Size: 1’3’H x 2’3’W
Blooms: Winter and spring
Attracts: Bees and butterflies
Flowers: Purple
Light: Full sun on coast; some shade inland
Water: Drought tolerant; occasional water during dry months
Hardiness: Hardy to 20 ˚F
Soil: Tolerates most soils but wants good drainage.