Symphoricapos albus var. laevigatus
Symphoricapos albus var. laevigatus
UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Symphoricapos albus var. laevigatus

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Common name: Snowberry
Special Notes: White berries grace arching branches in fall and winter and attract birds. Good for groundcover and erosion control.  Good under native Oaks.  Responds well to shearing.
Family: Caprifoliaceae
Native to: West Coast
Form: Erect deciduous shrub; naturalizes via rhizomes
Size: 4’ H
Blooms: Spring flowers to white berries in Fall/Winter
Attracts: Hummingbirds
Flowers: Tiny pink flowers
Light: Light shade to sun on coast
Water: Drought tolerant once established; appreciates occasional deep water in summer
Hardiness: 10°
Soil: Most soils