Verbena hastata
Verbena hastata
Verbena hastata
UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Verbena hastata

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Common name:  Blue Vervain

Special notes:  Bees and butterflies enjoy the flowers on showy candelabra-like spikes of this tall perennial.  The Buckeye butterfly feeds on it and birds eat the seeds.  Deer resistant.

Family:  Verbenaceae
Native to:  California and other states
Form:  Upright, deciduous perennial
Size:  1.5’ – 5’ H x 1.5’
Blooms:  Summer/Fall
Attracts:  Birds, bees, butterflies
Flowers:  Lavender to purple
Light:  Full sun to part shade
Water:  Regular water
Hardiness:  Hardy to 20° F
Soil:  Well-drained soil