Vitis californica x vinifera ‘Roger’s Red’
Vitis californica x vinifera ‘Roger’s Red’
UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Vitis californica x vinifera ‘Roger’s Red’

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Common name:  Roger’s Red Grape

Special notes:  A vigorous deciduous climber known for its spectacular fall color.  Roger Raiche discovered it in Sonoma County.  Though it is now known to be a hybrid between our native grape and wine grape, it settles happily into a native garden.  Grapes are seedy but edible and attractive to wildlife; make good jelly!

Family:  Vitaceae
Native to:  Sonoma County, California
Form:  Deciduous vine with vigorous growth
Size:  Grows rapidly to 30’
Blooms:  Summer
Attracts:  Birds
Flowers:  Insignificant
Light:  Sun or shade
Water:  Drought tolerant once established
Hardiness:  To 15° F
Soil:  Tolerates most soils