Anthurium sp.
Anthurium sp.
UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Anthurium sp.

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Special Notes: Large-leaved Anthurium from the tropics and rainforests of central and South America. This specimen is over 30 years old, well-established, and grown to an impressive size. Primarily a houseplant, this Anthurium has massive 12” heart-shaped leaves. It will thrive with bright, indirect light, regular water, high humidity, and a room that doesn’t get below 60°F.

Family: Araceae
Native to: Colombia, Costa Rice, Ecuador, Panama, Venezuela
Form: Epiphyte
Size: To 4’ high
Flowers: Purple spadix with yellow to purple anthers
Light: Bright indirect sun
Water: Moderate water; do not let roots get soggy
Hardiness: Not cold hardy
Soil: Well-draining potting mix