Euphorbia polygona
Euphorbia polygona
Euphorbia polygona
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Euphorbia polygona

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Common name: African Milk Barrel
Special Notes:This cactus-like succulent, native to South Africa, readily clumps and grows up to 5’ tall. The stems are covered in spines up to 1.5” long, and small flowers grow from the stem tips. An easy to grow species, it requires a well-draining soil mix, but can be watered almost year-round. Be wary of the latex sap that all Euphorbias exude when they are damaged, as it is very irritating. Synonym: Euphorbia horrida.

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Family: Euphorbiaceae
Native to: South Africa
Form: Clumping succulent
Size: 5’ high
Flowers: Small, green and yellow in summer
Light: Full sun to light shade
Water: Moderate water spring-fall
Hardiness: Hardy to 35°F
Soil: Well-draining soil