Butterfly Garden Seeds
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Butterfly Garden Seeds

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Bonus Pack- includes three different inner packets of seeds.

Seeds for A Butterfly Garden

Attract and enjoy enchanting garden butterflies, "the flowers of the air." Our large Bonus Pack contains three different inner packets of easy to grow butterfly flowers whose ample nectar will bring butterflies to the garden all summer long. Includes carefully written, complete planting and growing instructions and butterfly garden design suggestions.

These flowers offer an ideal combination of different blossoms and vegetation at varying height levels, providing your intended visitors with a choice of where to feed, rest and roost.

By providing flower food, warmth, shelter and water, your butterfly garden enables you to enjoy butterflies wing patterns up close and play a role in the conservation of these precious species.

Includes one pack of each: Zinnia 'Persian Carpet;' Cosmos 'Purity;' Sunflower 'Chocolate Cherry'