Dypsis decipiens
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Dypsis decipiens

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Common name:  Manambe palm

Special Notes: The vast majority of feather-leafed palms grow in the tropics and have crown shafts. A crown shaft is where the base of the leaf wraps around the base of the crown of leaves and forms an attractive smooth green band 2-3 ft long between the top of the trunk and the leaves. Unfortunately, here in the Bay Area, we can only reliably grow 3-4 palm species with crown shafts, but this is one. It comes from hills covered with granite boulders in the highlands of central Madagascar, and is critically endangered.

Family: Arecaceae
Native to: Central Madagascar
Form: Feather leafed palm with green crown shaft. Most commonly with two vertical trunks, but may be single or have four. Not spiny. New leaves redish.
Size: Leaves arching to 8 ft. Trunk to 16 in. in diameter and thirty ft. tall, but slow growing.
Attracts: Bees
Flowers: Unremarkable but fruit spherical, green, 1 In. in diameter.
Light: Bright light or shade where it can grow into sun.
Water: Regular summer water and fertilizer.
Hardiness: To the mid 20’s.